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South African Women Conquer The Forex Industry – Here Are 3 Of Them

SA Women who Conquer the forex industry


In recent years, the African Forex industry has recorded steady growth. South Africa leads the industry in the continent with a relatively healthy trading space due to regulation by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). According to CompareForexbrokers.co.za, Forex brokers that are regulated by the FSCA provide much better investor protection to South African traders than any other financial regulator can.


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👉 While the forex industry in terms of the number of traders is undoubtedly conquered by males, more and more women start trading forex in South Africa. Today, we will talk about 3 South African women to whom men look up to when it comes to the success achieved thanks to forex trading.


1.  Nobuhle Catherine Anajemba

👉 With a net worth of about R100 million, Nobuhle Catherine Anajemba is the richest female Forex trader in Africa. AKA Bosslady, this young lady is known for her aggression towards the Forex market and she’s the CEO of Women In Forex (WIF).


👉 Via WIF, she trains and mentors upcoming Forex traders so they too can reach the top. In 2018, she ventured into multi level marketing (MLM) by joining Long Rich. She achieved Diamond 4 in 4 days, Diamond 5 in 14 days, Diamond 6 in 2 months, and Diamond 7 in less than 4 months setting records no one else has been able to match since the organization started to date.


👉 The Bosslady started Forex trading in 2015. She posted a video of a popular Forex trader on her Facebook page and asked her followers to comment on what they think about Forex. When she got an R1000 profit for just a referral, she started learning to trade. She learned Forex trading on Whatsapp and by 2016, a year later, she was a professional trader.


2.   Nelisiwe Masango

👉 “I wish every South African knew the basics of finance and were open to improving their financial education and investing in financial literacy” – that’s a quote from this great woman. Nelisiwe Masango is not just a top Forex trader in South Africa, she’s also a wealth coach and the founder and current director of Bear Run Investments.


👉 She developed a passion for wealth creation at an early stage – while still in school – and worked towards achieving her goals. Still in her 20s, her goal has shifted from making just herself rich to making other Africans rich. She started trading stocks when she left the university and taught herself how to trade on JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange). That was the beginning of her trading journey and later on, she was trading Forex.


👉 According to her, she started Bear Run Investments in 2013 to save traders from being duped by fraudulent investment companies like pyramid schemes which at the time was a thing across South Africa. If she wasn’t a Forex trader and financial educator, she would have been a brain surgeon.


👉 In addition to Bear Run Investments, Nelisiwe Masango has also founded two other companies in South Africa, Gentle Hands Agency, and Female and Finances.


3.   Reabetswe Shongwe

👉 If you want to feel inspired, you should read about Reabetswe Shongwe. This is a young lady that worked her way to the top to be one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa from being a retail sales assistant. She picked interest in Forex trading while working at her sales job and after some time, she quit the job.


👉 She joined the Women in Forex and Entrepreneurship (W.I.F.E) and went full time into Forex trading. Her involvement with this group changed the game for her as she learned how to become financially independent and she could source capital for her own investments. In the first six months of trading, she made an R176,562 profit.


👉 Aside from Forex trading, Reabetswe Shongwe had engaged in modeling and choreography. Currently, she runs her own agency, LoveRea.


👉 To trade Forex and be as successful as Reabetswe Shongwe, here’s what she advises; connect with the right people, ideally people who have made success with Forex trading. Trade with only legitimate Forex brokers by doing your research to identify them so you don’t get scammed. Finally, you should trade with an FSB regulated company to ensure safety of funds.



 If there’s a debate of male vs female Forex traders in South Africa or the world at large, men surely would have the upper hand. This has made the contributions of female Forex traders to the growth of the Forex industry hugely underrated.


 The 3 South African women listed above are top Forex traders who have not only managed to conquer the South African Forex industry but also made significant inclusions in the global Forex traders. These are just 3 of them – there are many more South African women that have conquered the Forex industry.

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