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Learning to trade forex through a reputable online trading college is one of the best investments you can make if trading financial instruments interests you. Whether you trade-in foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, or commodities; take your time learning how to trade like a professional trader and develop a trading strategy that suits your trading personality.


In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • Top 10 Forex Trading Colleges in South Africa
  • Different ways to learn how to trade forex


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👉 Not every forex trading course is the same and what you get for your money differs from one to another training college. Do your homework carefully on forex trading courses available in South Africa and choose one that offers a quality course with one-on-one personal mentoring to kick-start your forex trading journey.


👉 Most forex trading colleges offer an online trading courses and the more traditional colleges offer a classroom environment for students. A few offer free trading courses but if you want quality, you’ll have to pay for it. Online classes should be supplemented by ebooks, webinars, and excellent video tutorials.


Top 10 Forex Trading Colleges in South Africa

CM Trading

👉 CM Trading was founded by traders for traders. The company combines years of experience to create a one-stop destination for online trading.


👉 CM Trading is one of the largest forex brokers in South Africa and specializes in forex, index, and commodity trading.


👉 CM Trading takes great pride in the state-of-the-art order executions, competitive spreads, and most importantly, amazing service and support. The forex broker company aspires to provide their business partners with the best affiliate and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs on the market.


Recommended forex course: Trading Series from Beginner to Pro

👉 This forex trading course is divided into three and covers a range of trading topics that guide you from beginner to professional level strategies.

Topics covered include:

  1. Introduction to the MT4 Trading Platform & Technical Analysis
  2. The Best Trend Indicators & Chart Patterns
  3. Maximizing your Profits
  4. Trading Forex, Commodities, Indices, & Stocks
  5. Understanding the Impact of News on the Markets
  6. Building Your Trading Plan


Forex Academy

👉 Forex Academy offers a variety of 3-month online forex trading courses to students in South Africa and around the world. The company aims to turn beginner forex traders into advanced traders under the guidance of a team of professional traders.


👉 During the course, students are exposed to forex trading systems and strategies with detailed rules and checklists. They are mentored by expert advisors and offered free support and mentoring for as long as they require it after completion of a forex training course.


Recommended forex course: Comprehensive Beginners Course

👉 This course addresses every possible aspect required to become a successful forex trader. The course material is so vast that it takes about 25 days to cover all the topics in a 6-hour classroom environment.


👉 The comprehensive course provides the best possible foundation to any student who aspires to become a profitable forex trader. In addition to the normal online material, the course offers online classrooms regularly (at least weekly) to review areas that students are struggling with and to focus on and highlight some very critical aspects of forex trading.


Forex College

👉 Forex College’s roots can be traced back to 2006. It’s one of the largest trading specialist companies in South Africa, with monthly trades averaging from a few hundred thousand to a few million Rand transactions. To improve results, managers and the top trading specialists in the company offer daily coaching sessions on how to trade more consistently and profitably.


👉 In 2008, the trading company repositioned itself as a forex trading college providing high-quality trading courses to the general public. Forex College aims to equip the community of investors in South Africa with the tools they need to trade forex with the skill and confidence of professional traders.


Recommended course: Evolve as a Trader Program

Categories covered in this course include:

  • General understanding of forex trading
  • How to trade forex
  • Analyzing charts
  • Trader psychology
  • Money management
  • Trading plans


Smart Trade College

👉 Diversity-e Smart Trade College offers e-learning courses that cover forex trading education, Bitcoin CF, D and stock market trading. The courses take clients from trading with a demo account to advanced trading and the success of the different courses rests on the fact that each client receives personalized coaching and mentoring from a professional coaching team and trading specialists.


👉 Diversity-e Smart Trade College provides a turnkey solution to educate you on how to earn additional income by becoming a successful private investor on the Capital Markets and global Stock Exchanges.


👉 Smart Trade College offers tailor-made coaching that has proven results and is designed to help you generate multiple streams of income.


Recommended forex: Forex, stock, and Bitcoin trading e-learning course

👉 Here’s what you get for your money!

Introduction online courses

➡️️​ Forex VOD

➡️️​ Social trading

➡️️​ MetaTrader tutorials

➡️️​ MetaTrader mobile


In-depth online courses

➡️️​ Forex beginner course

➡️️​ Trading strategies

➡️️​ CFD and stocks

➡️️​ Cryptocurrencies

➡️️​ Trading tools


Real trading terminals and platforms setup and configuration

➡️️​ CopyKat Trader

➡️️​ Web Trader

➡️️​ Mobile Trader


Self-trade US Dollar account

➡️️​ Trade through an FSCA registered and regulated “Best Broker in Africa”

➡️️​ Your deposits are safe and kept in a segregated account

➡️️​ Deposit US$1 000 in your trading account and earn a 10% bonus

➡️️​ You control your deposits and withdrawals

➡️️​ Easy withdrawals

➡️️​ Real Trading Terminals to choose from



➡️️​ Pivot calculator

➡️️​ Position size calculator

➡️️​ Deal size calculator

➡️️​ Fibonacci calculator


Sure Trading

👉 Sure Trading is a uniquely-positioned provider of stock market investment trading tools and education with customer support and education. The forex training company firmly believes that the best investment you can make is in your own financial markets education.


👉 Sure Trading offers professional forex trading courses complemented with high-quality modular training, mentoring, and personalized mentoring.  As part of the Sure Trading community, students and clients receive ongoing support from experienced traders and other like-minded forex traders.

Recommended course: Forex trading foundation course

The basics of the forex market

How to read a forex quote

PIPs and Lots

Forex market analysis

Opening a pro-trader demo

Adding items to a watchlist

Chart types

Support and resistance

Candle patterns and formations

Commonly-used forex indicators

Fibonacci in forex

Money management

How to develop a forex trading strategy


Different ways to learn how to trade forex

👉 Forex trading courses offered by professional training institutions are the best way to learn how to trade forex. Not only do these courses take you step-by-step through the process of getting started with a forex trading demo account and introduce you to the complicated world of foreign currency trading, but they also offer personalized one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to learn from the best forex specialists in South Africa.


👉 However, there are other ways to learn how to trade forex online.



👉 Webinars are short for web seminars (or conferencing) and are an umbrella term for various types of online collaborative services. These include webinars, webcasts, and peer-level web meetings.


👉 Webinars use the Internet to connect like-minded people in real-time who have an interest in a particular topic such as forex. It’s a multi-cast form of communication which means a webinar can draw a viewing crowd of a few thousand, located in all corners of the world.


👉 Webinars also offer data streams of text-based messages as well as voice and video chat which is streamed simultaneously. Webinars are used for anything from off-site meetings and training to lectures and presentations.


👉 For the best forex trading webinars, consider these brokers:

➡️️​ Active Trades

➡️️​ AvaTrade

➡️️​ CMC Markets

➡️️​ ETX Capital

➡️️​ FXCM

➡️️​ FXPrimus

➡️️​ HotForex

➡️️​ IG Markets

➡️️​ Interactive Brokers

➡️️​ XM


Video tutorials

👉 You can watch video tutorials online through platforms such as YouTube but the best video tutorials available are the ones produced by the forex training college you have registered with to learn how to trade forex.


👉 A video tutorial is a visual aid that is typically produced to accompany lecture notes or online learning. The videos are either pre-recorded or recorded live and they add another dimension to e-learning. Video tutorials make the online classroom environment and provide a valuable tool that can be viewed many times over.



👉 The leading financial institutions and stockbrokers in South Africa regularly run seminars on forex trading. Seminars are not only an opportunity for these businesses to connect with their clients and build relationships, they’re also the perfect platform to update investors on the latest developments in forex trading.


👉 Seminars bring like-minded people together in large or small groups where the focus is on a particular subject. There will be one or more guest speakers at a seminar, usually a specialist in his or her industry. The most valuable part of a seminar tends to be the Question & Answer session at the end.


👉 Interestingly, the word ‘seminar’ is derived from the Latin word ‘seminarium’, meaning ‘seed plot’ which is another word for ‘nursery garden’. The Latin word implies seminars originated as a means of planting the seeds of thought or action’ among the gathered crowd.


👉 South Africa has a world-class financial sector that competes with the best in the world. The country also boasts an exemplary regulatory body that oversees both the financial and non-financial sectors. You can trust the fact that when you attend forex trading seminars hosted by the leading banks and brokers in South Africa, you’ll be learning from the best.


👉 The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is an independent institution that exists to regulate and monitor financial services in South Africa.


👉 We recommend you start your forex trading journey with a broker you can trust and adheres to the strictest industry standards. The best brokers in South Africa are registered with FSCA.


Looking for the best brokers in South Africa, check these brokers:

➡️️​ AvaTrade

➡️️​ CM Trading

➡️️​ Forex Time (FXTM)

➡️️​ IG

➡️️​ IronFX



👉 Investors who are interested in trading foreign exchange need a thorough understanding of how the forex market works and how to develop a successful trading strategy that suits their trading personality. Investing in your forex education is the best investment any trader could make.


👉 Find a reputable forex trading college that not only offers excellent course material on the forex market but also one-on-one personalized coaching and mentoring. Learning from forex experts while learning to trade with a demo account and later a mini account is guaranteed to ensure your forex trading experience has a happy ending.


👉 Online forex trading courses are the same as distance learning but the e-learning experience is conducted in real-time with the support of forex experts. A reputable forex trading course will take you through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels until you have the knowledge and confidence to trade on your own.

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