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15 Best legitimate forex traders to follow on Instagram

There is a proliferation of so-called forex traders on Instagram that you can follow. The majority are scammers, marketing online trading courses and are not legitimate forex traders. Professional forex traders who are genuinely successful do not show off their wealth and personal life on Instagram. It’s strictly business for them.


In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • best traders to follow on Instagram



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👉 Instagram is a good platform for inspiration, but you should only trade through a regulated forex and CFDs broker with a solid track history. Forex trading is risky and is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If an Instagram forex trader is offering to manage your account, watch out! It is most likely a scam.


👉 Below is a list of successful traders and investors with years of experience that you can follow on Instagram. Most have written books that share their trading experience and insight with the world and have a passion for forex education. You can trust these professional traders to help you navigate the stormy waters of forex trading.


Dr Alexander Elder




👉 Dr Alexander Elder is a well-known professional forex trader, author of international bestsellers and a sought-after speaker at global forex conventions. Dr Elder founded SpikeTrade to share his forex trading expertise with the global forex community and established Traders’ Camps, offering 5-day online forex trading classes for beginners and advanced traders. His books include The New Trading for a Living which has been translated into seventeen languages.


Austin Netzley




👉 Austin Netzley is a best-selling author and highly successful entrepreneur and investor. He was a former pro athlete turned engineer and overcame crippling student debt by learning from the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide. Austin founded ONE Pursuit Investments and hosts YoPro Wealth, a widely-followed podcast and blog, sharing his failures, successes and advice for beginner and advanced forex traders. Austin is passionate about helping others change their financial mindset and make money, and his book, Make Money, Live Wealthy, is inspirational.


George Soros




👉 George Soros is an icon in the global financial community. He is a world-renowned hedge fund manager and has generated phenomenal returns through the Quantum Fund. Soros is famous for making up to $1 billion on a single trading day when he bet against the British Pound, one of the most significant profits ever made in one day on the global markets. Soros co-founded the Open Society Foundations, the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance and human rights. Soros has donated over $30 billion of his wealth to the foundation to date.


Jim Cramer




👉 James ‘Jim’ Cramer is a famous US television personality, successful hedge fund manager, bestselling author and co-founder of TheStreet. Jim hosts Mad Money on CNBC and helps beginner and professional forex traders navigate the stormy waters of trading and investing. TheStreet provides extensive content of global trading and political and socio-economic matters impacting price movements.


Kiana Danial




👉 Kiana Danial is the CEO of Invest Diva, a professional finance expert writing for Nasdaq and a best-selling author of financial literacy. Her mission in life is to help women take control of their financial future through education. Kiana has the author of Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies, Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex and co-author of Million Dollar Moms: Mom Entrepreneurs Share Secrets of Building Businesses and Raising Highly Successful Kids. Kiana is an expert on wealth management and cryptocurrency and writes for The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Fox News and TheStreet. Kiana was recognised as the Personal Investment Expert of the Year at the 2018 Investor Fund Awards and named one of New York Business Journal’s Women of Influence in 2016.


Larry D Hite




👉 Lawrence ‘Larry’ D Hite is a successful hedge fund manager and the forefather of system trading. His bestseller book titled, The Rule: How I Beat the Odds in the Markets and in Life – and How You Can Too, is an empowering story of how Larry overcame the struggles of dyslexia and partial blindness to rise to the top of the hedge fund world, providing critical insight and lessons for beginner and professional forex traders and investors. In 1981, Larry co-founded Mind Investments, and by 1990 the company was the largest commodity trading advisor in the world of asset management. Today, Larry focuses on his proprietary trading business, Hite Capital Management.


Liz Ann Sonders




👉 Liz Ann Sonders is Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Her expertise is in economic and market insight and investor sentiment. Liz is passionate about investor education for individuals and publishes many blogs, podcasts, video tutorials and webcasts to share her knowledge and expertise in global trading. Liz is a sought-after public speaker at trading and investor conferences and a regular host on CNBC, Bloomberg TV & Radio, Fox Business News and Yahoo! Finance. Liz is also a guest host on PBS Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser and writes for The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Barron’s, Financial Times and MarketWatch. She has been named one of SmartMoney’s Power 30, the list of the most influential people on Wall Street.


Lydia Idem




👉 Lydia Idem Finkley is a successful investor and professional investment advisor with over twenty-five years of experience in financial investment, with an extensive footprint in Africa. Lydia founded FM Capital in 2014, a registered investment advisory firm. She provides market commentary and analysis through her online platform FaithMightFX, is a co-author of The StockTwits Edge and Trading: The Best of the Best, and has been featured in Forbes magazine and CNNMoney. Lydia was named #22 of the Twitter Account Investors You Need To Follow and #3 of the Top 10 Women To Follow In Finance.


Millionaire Mentor




👉 Millionaire Mentor is an invite-only mentorship community for entrepreneurs, providing inspiration and advice on business development, branding, investment, marketing, automation and wealth creation. The exclusive app connects people to the right mentors to fast-track their entrepreneur careers. Founder of the Millionaire Mentor app, Roy Taylor, introduces community members to world leaders and uber-successful entrepreneurs, sharing insights, investment secrets and business strategies of the rich and famous.


Paul Tudor Jones




👉 Paul Tudor Jones II founded Tudor Investment Corporation (Tudor) in 1980 and the Robin Hood Foundation in 1988. He is an American billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist and conservationist. In 2019, Forbes Magazine estimated Paul Tudor Jones’ net worth to be US$ 5.3 billion, which makes him the seventh highest-earning hedge fund manager in the world.


Reuben Singh




👉 Reuben Singh is a British-born entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the telephone answering service alldayPA and a boutique private equity firm, Isher Capital. Reuben started a small business at university called Miss Attitude, which grew into a 100-store retail chain and sold for an undisclosed amount in 1999. Reuben served on the British government advisory panel for small business development and the Competitiveness Council. He served on the seven-person government task force, which reviews and reports on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.


Samuel Leach




👉 Samuel Leach is the founder and Chief Executive of Samuel & Co Trading, which provides online courses for forex and stock trading. Samuel regularly hosts training videos on YouTube and has over 130 000 subscribers. Samuel & Co Trading offer a free online trading course and various courses required to obtain CPD certification. Samuel is a regular contributor for Forbes magazine, Yahoo Finance, HuffPost and TEDx.


Stanley Druckenmiller




👉 Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller is a world-renowned hedge fund manager with over thirty years of experience in financial trading and investment. Stanley managed money for George Soros between 1988 to 2000 but now manages his money through a family office. He is the founder and former Chairman and President of Duquesne Capital which had over US$ 12 billion in assets at the time of closing in 2010. He shut down the hedge fund in 2010 and returned all the money to his clients.


Steven Hart




👉 Steven Hart is a successful forex and CFDs trader and CEO and Head Forex Educator at The Trading Channel. Steven has amassed a following of over one million forex traders across Instagram and YouTube. His online company provides insightful content to help beginner traders navigate the stormy waters of forex trading. Steven has over ten years of experience in retail trading and is passionate about forex education. The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course offered by The Trading Channel takes new traders through the entire forex trading process with easy-to-follow instructions in video tutorials and extensive free content.


Walter Peters




👉 Walter Peters is a successful forex trader, podcast host and author of the best-selling book Naked Forex: High Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators. Walter trades for the DTS Fund and collaborates with other forex traders through Walter is a technical trader and aims to educator beginner traders on the benefits of trading systems without technical indicators. Walter has a doctorate in psychology and believes traders need a thorough understanding of forex trading psychology, particularly cognitive bias trading. In 2011, Walter released a popular DVD with FXStreet called Naked Forex to explain how trading without indicators is a trading strategy that is often misunderstood because it goes against traders’ natural inclination.



Beware of falling foul to flashy forex traders on social media that promise you can make thousands a day with only a tiny investment of time and money. They post photographs posing next to expensive cars, wearing designer clothes and languishing on luxury yachts. These Instagram forex trading influencers are not trustworthy and may be out to scam you of your hard-earned money.


By all means, follow the more popular ones for inspiration but only ever take advice and trade forex through a regulated forex broker.



Forex and CFDs are complex instruments, and trading these instruments come with a high-risk warning. Trading forex and CFDs involves a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage and margin. You need to understand how forex trading works and decide whether you can afford to take the risk of losing money on trade orders that do not go your way.

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