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Easy Equities Review

Easy Equities is a dynamic South African-based financial services company that provides an easy-to-use platform to invest in local and international shares for as little as R5. First World Trader powers easy Equities’ online trading platform. Easy Equities has partnered with Capitec Bank, the second-largest retail bank in South Africa based on the number of customers, to make it easy and affordable for the average South African investor to buy equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs) and other investment baskets and bundles. Easy Equities is a subsidiary of JSE-listed Purple Group Limited, a leading financial services company providing trading and investment solutions to customers in Africa.

Founded 2004

Regulated FSCA, ASIC

Headquarters Johannesburg, South Africa

Tradeable assets Shares, ETFs, ETNs, tax-free savings accounts

Trading platform Proprietary online platform

Minimum deposit $0


Is Easy Equities regulated?

Yes, Easy Equities is licensed and regulated by the FSCA in South Africa and ASIC in Australia. EasyEquities is a division of First World Trader (Pty) Ltd t/a EasyEquities, an authorised financial services provider (FSP number 22588).

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FSCA: Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is responsible for market conduct regulation and supervision in South Africa. The FSCA aims to enhance and support financial markets’ efficiency and integrity and protect financial customers through fair treatment practices.

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ASIC: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent commission and the national corporate regulator in Australia. The ASIC regulates company and financial services and enforces laws to protect Australian financial consumers, investors and creditors.

Is Easy Equities regulated in South Africa?

Yes, Easy Equities is licensed and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa under First World Trader (Pty) Ltd (FSP 22588).

Is Easy Equities legit?

Yes, Easy Equities is a legitimate financial services company offering an online platform to invest in local JSE-listed and international equities. Easy Equities is a JSE-listed Purple Group Limited (PPE) subsidiary, and First World Traders power its proprietary trading platform.

Easy Equities’ online platform is convenient and straightforward to use; there is no minimum deposit and no monthly fees. Easy Equities is ideal for first-time investors looking for an affordable way to invest in shares, ETFs and ETNs listed on exchanges worldwide. Easy Equities is regulatory compliant and is a safe and reliable online trading platform for share traders in Africa.

Is Easy Equities a good broker?

Yes, Easy Equities is a good broker for new and seasoned equity investors in terms of affordable trading fees, stringent security protocols, a convenient online platform, and excellent research and educational resources.

Easy Equities fees

A standout benefit is first-time traders in South Africa can now afford to invest in local and global shares, ETFs and ETNs through Easy Equities. There are no registration fees, no minimums required, nor monthly platform fees. Easy Equities makes money by taking a small percentage on each transaction. The cost is only 0.25 percent of each transaction, and a one-cent minimum is charged on small transactions.

Easy Equities security

Easy Equities is regulatory compliant and regarded as safe to use by investors in Africa. Easy Equities follows strict regulatory guidelines for trader and investor protection and has implemented industry protocol to secure their clients’ money and information.

Regulated broker

Easy Equities is licensed and regulated by two Top-tier authorities: the FSCA in South Africa and ASIC in Australia.

Segregated accounts

Easy Equities keeps client funds in separate accounts held by a leading bank in South Africa. The brokerage cannot access clients’ funds to pay for company expenses or liabilities. The funds are held in ring-fenced accounts separate from Easy Equities’ financial accounts.

SSL-protected personal area

Easy Equities uses highly secure technology to protect its clients’ data and financial transactions. SSL-secured Personal Area is protected with 128-bit encryption, making browsing safe and data inaccessible to any third parties.

Two-step authentication

Easy Equities requires two-step authentication to enhance your trading platform’s security and protect your deposits and personal information from hackers using SMS and backup codes. Easy Equities uses 3D secure technology when processing credit and debit cards. This technology makes all Visa transactions transparent and safe.

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks

Easy Equities is required by law to collect and verify certain personal information and execute Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

Easy Equities trading platform

Easy Equities offers a proprietary online platform that is convenient and easy to use. Registration is free, and you choose which accounts you would like to activate once your identity has been verified: a ZAR Equity account, USD Equity account and ZAR Tax-Free Savings account.

Easy Equities research and education

Easy Equities publishes many blogs, video tutorials and risk analysis articles to support their clients’ goals to invest safely for their future goals. The blogs are written for first-time traders to support them in their pursuit to invest for future goals safely. Easy Equities Investment 101 videos introduce the different financial instruments, and the Investor Spotlight videos bring in expert opinions on what’s happening in the global financial markets.

What products does Easy Equities offer?

Easy Equities provides an online platform to invest in JSE-listed and international company shares and a scaled-down selection of products that offer new and seasoned investors an affordable way to grow their financial wealth.

Shares ǀ Fractional share rights

You can buy shares in companies for as little as R5 ($10). Whatever money you can spare buys a part of a share, known as fractional share rights.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs are a popular way to invest because they are convenient and affordable. ETFs are a collection of shares, bonds and indices. This instrument is similar to a Unit Trust, but ETFs are more diversified, and the risk is spread wider. ETFs are traded on stock exchanges as one financial instrument and track returns of market benchmarks or indices. ETFs are one of the most popular instruments to invest in because they are low cost and easy to understand.

Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)

ETNs are traded like ETFs, but the difference is the financial instrument does not hold any securities in the market benchmark that it tracks. An ETN is issued by an institution and is an unsecured debt note . ETNs can be bought and sold at any time or held until it matures.

Baskets and Bundles

Baskets and bundles are made up of shares selected by investment experts. Baskets are non-managed investment solutions, and Bundles are managed solutions. They offer investors a mix of chosen shares because they match your appetite for risk and investment goals.

Retirement Annuity

A retirement annuity (RA) is a managed retirement fund that provides a tax-effective vehicle to save for your retirement. They are popular among self-employed individuals or people who do not work in the formal sector and get a pension payout when they retire. Retirement annuities are also a great way to supplement your pension or provident fund savings. Retirement annuities are affordable, they do not require a minimum investment, and all returns and income of tax-free.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

IPOs are issued by companies when they are about to list on a stock exchange. They offer the general public the chance to pick up shares in the company before they are offered to investors. IPOs are issued to raise money for public listings and are only provided to a select number of brokerages. The problem with IPOs is financial outcomes cannot be guaranteed, and there is a risk you could lose money on the instrument.

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

South African clients automatically get a Tax-Free Savings account when they open an account with Easy Equities and invest in one of their products. TFSAs are a great way to invest and save your money, and you are not taxed on the interest earned, dividends and capital gains. You can use your TFSA to invest in ETFs and Baskets or Bundles up to R36 000 per year, or a total of R500 000 over your lifetime.

Advised Portfolios

Easy Equities offers an automated broker service to help you manage your investments and risk to meet your financial goals. This involves calculating probability and projected growth on your investment portfolio and adjusting it when necessary.

How to trade shares with Easy Equities

Traders and investors cannot directly access the global financial market. They must trade through a trading platform hosted by a regulated broker.

To start trading the financial markets with Easy Equities, you must register with the fintech company and follow the easy steps to verify your identity and set up a trading account. Deposit funds when your trading account has been approved and start trading.

How to open an Easy Equities account?

It is simple and easy to open an online account with Easy Equities. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store or register an account on the Easy Equities’ website.

Submit FICA documents required to verify your account. First World Trader trading as EasyEquities is a financial services provider and is obliged to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001 (FICA).

Once your details have been verified, deposit whatever money you have available in your account and select the investments products of your choice.

What documents do you need to open an Easy Equities account?

It depends on who is opening the Easy Equity account. Adult individuals are not required to submit FICA documents. Easy Equities screens prospective clients and only request documents if the applicant is a:

  • minor (under the age of 18 years)
  • corporate body (company, close corporation, partnership or trust)
  • informal association (stokvel, burial society, savings club, school or church)

What trading accounts does Easy Equities offer?

Easy Equities offers four types of accounts:

ZAR account

Used to invest in local JSE-listed shares and ETFs, ZAR stands for South African Rands

US Dollar account

Used to access shares listed on stock exchanges in the United States of America, USD stands for United States Dollar

Tax-Free Savings Account

Used to invest tax-free up to R36 000 per year or R500 000 in your lifetime

ZAR and USD demo account

Used to practice investing on the local and international exchanges with virtual (fake) money, Easy Equities gives you R100 000 in a ZAR demo account and $10 000 in a USD account for you to “play” with until you feel confident to open a live investment account

Does Easy Equities offer a free demo account?

Yes, Easy Equities offers a free demo account on the ZAR and USD investment accounts. Easy Equities clients can register and sign up for a free demo account which is instantly available to start trading virtual (fake) money.

Deposits and withdrawals

How to deposit money into an Easy Equities trading account

  • Log in to your Easy Equities account
  • Select the account you want to fund
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select Deposits under My Funds
  • Select the bank where your
  • funds are held
  • Do an electronic transfer from your online banking app

Does Easy Equities charge a deposit fee?

No, Easy Equities does not charge a deposit fee for bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Your bank may charge you additional fees for bank transfers. Easy Equities does not cover any fees charged if you deposit funds in a currency different from the base currency of your account.

How to withdraw money from an Easy Equities account

  • Log in to your account
  • Select your account
  • Click on the
  • dropdown menu and select Withdrawals under My Funds
  • Tick the box to confirm your banking details are accurate
  • Select Withdraw


  • Type in the amount you wish to withdraw from your account
  • Click on the red Withdraw button

How many days do Easy Equities withdrawals take?

Withdrawals from Easy Equities accounts are processed in two to three working days.

Does Easy Equities charge a withdrawal fee?

No, Easy Equities does not charge a withdrawal fee. Your bank may charge you additional fees for monetary transfers.

Easy Equities commissions and fees

Easy Equity does not charge a registration or monthly management fee. The fintech company charges a small commission of 0.25 percent per transaction.

Pricing is transparent and Easy Equities will provide a detailed description of the fees on each transaction when they quote you on the transaction.

What awards has Easy Equities received?

Easy Equities is an award-winning online platform. The fintech company has received various awards for innovation and business accolades from Business Day, FinTech Africa, Accenture and StartUp Grind. Easy Equities has been recognised as the top Tax-Free Savings Account by Financial Mail and Intellidex for several years.

FAQs: Easy Equities

Does Easy Equities have a Welcome Bonus?

No, Easy Equities does not offer a Welcome Bonus. It does have a Referral Bonus of R50 per person you recommend who opens an Easy Equities account.

Does Easy Equities have a mobile app?

Yes, Easy Equities is an online platform and offers an easy-to-use mobile app downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also access Easy Equities products through the Capitec banking app.

Where is Easy Equities based?

Easy Equities is based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who is the CEO of Easy Equities?

The CEO of Easy Equities is Charles Savage.

Does Easy Equities offer online support?

Yes, Easy Equities offers online Customer Support via the Help Centre on its website. You can also contact Easy Equities Customer Services via email or telephone. Easy Equities publishes FAQs for simple questions relating to accounts and financial instruments.

Who can I speak to at Easy Equities for help?

Easy Equities provides dedicated Customer Service supported by Live Chat, email or telephone.

Help Centre Easy Equities

Head Office +27 (0)87 940 6106

Email [email protected]


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